Vintage 2021 in Bairrada – Quinta d’Aguieira

Bairrada 2021 – A vintage harvested between rains in a year of good whites

In Bairrada, the harvest took on a good pace, producing a total of around 20 million litres of wine. High-quality white wines are to be expected. The red grape vines faced more significant challenges due to the rains that fell during the harvest, leading to differences in quality between the plots.
The harvest had a delayed start, beginning as late as October in some places. Wines from grapes harvested before the rains certainly have a different profile to those harvested during and after the rains. Grapes harvested before the rains produce more concentrated wines with darker colourings. A harvest that has taken place during and after the rains will produce lighter, fresher wines featuring a more open colour. When it comes to quantities, a decrease in the volume of white wine of between 5 and 10% was noted in the region compared to 2020. The volume of red wine produced was similar to the previous year.

“It was a cool, rainy year, which causes serious difficulties in Bairrada. As such, we carried out specific operations throughout the year to help the vines, such as cutting them back and removing some leaves. We were able to harvest the highest quality grapes between two rainy periods, so we have high hopes for the wines, which will be confirmed in time.”

Pedro Barbosa, Director of Viticulture