Quinta D' Aguieira

The Quinta

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Quinta d’Aguieira is a place with history, whose walls are imprinted with memories.

The existence of this “noble house” dates back to the 18th century. In 1724, there was already a noble house, known today as Quinta d’Aguieira. 

Integrated in the Quinta, the chapel of devotion to Nossa Senhora do Bom Despacho was erected, by its owner João Gomes Martins, in 1735. This chapel as well as the Casa de Aguieira would belong, in the 19th century, to the viscount of Aguieira, Joaquim Álvaro Teles de Figueiredo Pacheco. 


Located in Valongo do Vouga, in the municipality of Águeda, at the northern end of the demarcated region of Bairrada, Quinta d’Aguieira features an incredible mosaic of micro-terroirs, painted over its 21 hectares.

The quality and longevity of the wines produced in this quinta were already the subject of news in the first quarter of the 20th century: «…vinho Aguieira que é sem favor e sem reclamo dos nossos melhores vinhos de meza, já hoje, para honra dos nossos vinhos, de fama mundial.» 

“… Aguieira wine is, today, without a favor nor doubt, one of our best table wines, honoring our wines, widely renowned around the world”.

It was in this environment that, in 1997, Luís and António Guedes, the fourth founder generation of Aveleda, acquired this property.

Thus, was born the dream of developing, in this estate, a singular project, designed with time. 

Luís and António Guedes, the fourth generation founder of Aveleda, fell in love with this Quinta in 1997.

Thus the dream of creating a range of unique wines, designed with time, was born at Quinta d’Aguieira.